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Superior TMR. Every Single Mix

Giving Australian Beef and Dairy farmers a competitive edge with our high-quality TMR “feed mixer” ensures optimal animal nutrition and reliability while reducing feed and operating costs!

40 years of experience

Lab Confirmed Consistency

Wodonga, Vic

AusMIX: Reliable, Consistent Results, Excellent Value!

AusMIX’s Revolutionary Range of Mixers is built through years of Grit and Innovation to ensure your Future Success.

View The AUSMIX Mixer Range

Single Screw

Heavy-duty single screw mixer built for farmers who are looking for consistency and reliability.

Twin Screw

Bigger capacity from 20 – 30 Cubic meters to consistently handle high volumes of TMR and easily break down big bales

Triple Screw

Built for mixing and processing huge volumes of TMR at peak efficiency.

Truck Mount

Dedicated mixer wagon mounted on top of a truck chassis driven by a WORLD CLASS Allison transmission.

Customizability + Reliability = Success

At AUSMIX, we recognize that every farmer’s needs are different.

That’s why we developed a wide range of sizes with multiple customization options, including our cutting-edge feed mixer technology to help you stay on top of the competition. 

Click the button below if you need help getting the machine that will suit you best.

You Deserve an AUSMIX!

Boost your herd health and productivity with Australia’s Best Feed Mixer Wagon with an unmatched mixing consistency and robust durability that you can depend on.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us
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