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Ausmix Feed Mixer Triple Screw

AusMix Triple Screw – When & Why To Try Our Biggest Feed Mixer

If you are a large-scale livestock farmer in Australia, you will know that mixing fodder can be a massive hassle if not done correctly. Trying to mix large amounts of TMR feed with machinery that’s not up to the task of achieving the volume you require in a cost- and time-effective manner is hardly productive. Enter the AusMix Triple Screw TMR Feed Mixer–made in Australia for Australian conditions; you know you can’t go wrong.

AusMix TMR Feed Mixers have long been the go-to for farmers who want quality that can withstand the harsh local conditions. What better than a product designed and manufactured locally, for locals, to ensure you don’t end up with an inferior product that cannot take the beating it will undoubtedly get on an Australian farm?

What Sets the AusMix Triple Screw Apart?

When it comes to AusMix products, superior quality is a given. Just like our single screw and twin screw mixers, this product’s design and manufacturing quality stand testament to our knowledge and understanding of Australian farming conditions. The tubs and blades are manufactured using 10mm and 20mm steel plates, with a heavy-duty 20mm steel thickness frame carrying the weight. Our tried and tested two-speed and planetary gearbox keeps the blades turning.

  • The AusMix XL-45 Triple Screw Feed Mixer is ideal for mixing large amounts of feed for large-scale livestock farming. Utilising three Fibre- X vertical augers that features three types of heat-treated tungsten carbide combined to manufacture the knife, this machine offers unique strength and mix consistency.
  • The strength of this machine means you can achieve the perfect mix regardless of the feed type. It easily cuts through and thoroughly combines high fibre, forage, grain, or heavy wet feeds in large quantities in the most cost and time-efficient manner.
  • The large 45m² tub easily outperforms anything else today, allowing for the efficient mixing of large amounts of feed with minimal spillage and waste.

AusMix: The Best Money Can Buy

Your AusMix XL-45 will help you achieve the ideal TMR mix for your large-scale farm with ease since it’s made to be sturdy to withstand even the harshest of Australian farming conditions.

  • Observation platform: If you prefer being present and entirely in control of what is happening at all times, this one’s for you. Our convenient observation platform lets you keep a close eye on the operation of the machine.
  • Unloading: The AusMix XL-45 empties via a 1.5-metre flip-up conveyor belt system, which as an optional extra, can be swapped out for a longer, custom-built flip-up conveyor belt, or even a dual shift front feed conveyor belt that allows you to unload feed from either side of the mixer wagon.
  • Controls: Like all AusMix products, the XL-45 comes with custom-designed, intuitive controls for easy, straightforward operation.

If you need something more when it comes to feed mixing, consider the AusMix XL-45 Triple Screw Vertical Feed Mixer for larger quantity feed and cost- and time-effective operation.



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