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Everything You Need To Know About 2022 Agricultural Projections

In what is already shaping up to be another turbulent year, 2022 does offer some promise. With figures coming out about 2021 and Australia’s agricultural expansion, we look to what this means for 2022 and how an Ausmix mixer can help you achieve your 2022 goals.


The cattle industry continued strong through 2021 and now look to repeat this run into 2022. Despite lockdowns and restrictions relating to Covid-19, exports were maintained to continue regularly. During this period, Australia shipped 887,679 tonnes of beef product to foreign markets, according to the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment. Despite being lower than the 1,039,411 tonnes exported in 2020 and below the five-year average this was still seen as a massive win for the industry, beating prior forecasts. During this year, Japan remained a top importer of Australian beef. Most of these imports went to the Japanese service industry, which is becoming more reliant on Australian beef. Imported beef is dominant in the Japanese hamburger chains and also in casual dining restaurants. There was also growth from South Korea, who moved from fourth to second in Australian beef imports. Australia has become dominant in their service industry too, with it impacting multiple subsects of the hospitality industry. Not only has Australian beef become dominant in the manufacturing of hamburgers for food chains but it has also gained traction for use in brisket, skirt for soup and chuck rolls in casual restaurants. High end restaurants are also adopting Australian beef, with loin being used in high end restaurants. This along with the growing rates for cattle shows the markets ability for growth even during pandemic times.


Another industry where Australia has become a dominant force is the lamb industry. Only New Zealand produces as much lamb as Australia, with Australia becoming a dominant force in this industry worldwide during the pandemic. This is noted in the export figures in 2021 with 35.5% of lamb exports going to other countries, showing the diversification of the market. The second largest importer was the USA, whose imports increased by 23.5% compared to 2020. This trend is set to continue over the next five years, with this putting the possible effects of Covid-19 in mind. China is still the second highest exporter of lamb in 2021 with this trend looking to continue. These imports were 14.5% higher than the five year average, despite the political trade tensions between Australia and China. This increase in exports to China was also despite Australia only having a lower output of lamb due to lockdowns. This is also good for lamb producers as this is after access to pork in china was reintroduced, with an import ban on the product during 2019-2020.


The sheep wool industry has also seen growth in international exports despite Covid-19. A total of 294 mkg greasy (raw) wool was exported, an increase of 3.7% from 2020. Environmental factors have also helped this with the easing of drought conditions meaning more breeding opportunities for farmers. This increase is expected to continue with the Australian Wool Production Forecasting Committee predicting 8% year on year increase. As such there is also the expectation that farmers across Australia will look to increase breeding going into 2022.

How to feed

With the growing rates and rising exports, farmers will have to find affordable food options to continue growing their farms. This is where AusMix comes in. Our mixers are the perfect product for a TMR (Total Mixed Ration) diet. These diets are not just affordable but also have noted health benefits for livestock. Our mixers are built in Australia to deal with it’s unique climate and to be reliable no matter the farmers needs. Furthermore, it produces a higher quality product of livestock. Grain-fed beef is becoming more popular in premium restaurants in China, with this trend looking to continue into other high exporters South Korea.

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