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Total Mixed Ration for horses with ausmix feed mixers

Feeding Horses Total Mixed Rations

Total Mixed Rations (TMRs) are recently been introduced as a way of feeding horses. TMR is a type of single deity that provides all the nutrients and forage a horse needs, in correct amounts, offering the horse a completely balanced meal. 

Feeding horses TMR takes away the process of having to manually balance your horse’s diet with numerous feeds and supplements. Overlooking forage is a common issue when formulating a horse’s diet, TMR solves this issue by balancing out the forage.

The difference between ‘TMRs’ and ‘Complete’ feeds

Keep in mind that TMR and Complete feed are two different things. Many feed companies say their feed is “complete and balanced,” however aren’t balanced for horses with forage requirements. 

If you are looking to optimise your animal’s digestive health, your forage should take up at least 50% of their daily intake. 

Over the years, horses have evolved into grazing animals. Their digestive tracts have evolved to better suit a high forage diet. As the need for horses increases, horses are being fed more concentrated energy sources like cereal grain and fats, to fulfil their energy needs. 

Most complete feeds are concentrated and cereal-based, because of this, the lack of sufficient forage is fed alongside the concentrated feeds. 

Benefits of feeding horses Total Mixed Rations

Feeding large quantities of cereal grain-based feed causes a lot of gastric health issues for horses.

TMR not only gives a more efficient feed conversion for young, growing horses, but it also lessens any sudden peaks of glucose and insulin in their blood. 

One of the biggest advantages of feeding TMR for horses is nutrition and balance. Horses get the necessary proportions of forage, energy, proteins and all the essential vitamins and minerals. 

Horses kept for long periods of time on farms where pasture quality isn’t consistent will especially benefit from TMR.

Ausmix Feed Mixers 

If you’re ready to feed your horses TMR, choose a durable feed mixer. Ausmix Feed Mixers are designed for Australian conditions and are loved by farms all across the country. Interesting at learning more about the AusMix feed mixer range? please don’t hesitate to contact us! You can reach our friendly team on (02) 8880 7873 or send us an email at sales@farmtech.com.au



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