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Feed Mixer Range

AusMix TMR Feed mixers are manufactured in Australia.

Built Heavy duty in Australia to handle the harshest Australian conditions.

Our Mixers are loved in dairies and feedlots across Australia.

BOWL Standard Features

Fibre-X Auger

At the heart of every Ausmix is the Fibre-X Auger. Developed for Australian feeding programs, the Fibre-X Auger will correctly process fibre to give your animals the nutritional edge in terms of productivity and herd health.
✔️ Consistent ration/mix from start to finish; substantiated by the Penn State separator test.

✔️ Razor sharp knives chopping fibre with sharp edges for improved dietary scratch factor.

✔️ Auger design suitable for high fibre, forage, grain or heavy wet rations.

✔️ Reduce mixing time with fast chop down of hay and silage bales.

✔️ Leading the way with heavy duty, long life materials – 20mm auger and floor plate with 10mm tub walls and tungsten carbide cutting knives.


Fibre-X system leads the way with its ability to process fibre efficiently and effectively. The Ausmix auger features 3 different types of heat-treated tungsten carbides knifes.
Ausmix Feed Mixer Tub

Conveyor & Elevators

From side shift conveyors with left and right sided feeding to 4.2m elevators to reach the tallest self-feeders, Ausmix offers a full range of delivery systems to match any feeding situation.

Wide Bowl – Mixing Tub

The Ausmix tub comes in both standard wide body (2.5m) or our extra wide body (2.65m) to better suit large, high density bales. The extra wide body gives large bales more space to be pulled into the mixer, reducing any material being thrown out. This greatly improves time efficiency and chop down. In addition, the extra wide body allows for a lower profile design making it more suitable to smaller loaders like tractors and skid steers.

FRAME Standard Features

Observation Platform

Connect with your Mix and watch how everything comes together. Non-slip floor, steps and handrails allow you to ascend and traverse the platform safely.

Heavy Duty Frame

Our extreme duty frame boasts 20mm steel thickness to improve rigidity and overall strength. Our design eliminates twisting and body roll and can handle any accessories with ease. Our frames are independent to the tub and are secured using 6-point load cells for precision weighing.
Ausmix Feed Mixer Frame

Swivel Hitch

Standardising a heavy-duty swivel hitch on our Ausmix feed mixers gives reliability and peace of mind to operators that are working in harsh conditions. Whether it is tight turns in a feedlot or uneven, undulating paddocks, the investment you have made in your tractor, mixer and fodder will be better protected with our swivel hitch.

Off-Road Suspension

Our ridge frames are complimented with extreme rated, off-road suspension. Ausmix has chosen top of the line CYR suspension, axles and brakes to complete the under carriage of our range of feed mixers.


Choice of floatation or road tyres to suite your needs.

DRIVE TRAIN Standard Features

Premium Italian Built Gearboxes

Planetary Gearboxes

✔️ Designed for consistent Heavy load That you get when mixing a high forage/ fiber ration.

✔️ Our Heavy-duty Gearboxes Process big bales with ease.

Ausmix Feed Mixer Drive Train

Two Speed Gearbox

Low Range

✔️ Soft start
✔️ Consistent Mix
✔️ Even Feedout

High Range

✔️ Easy cleanout
Drive Train
Premium Italian built gearboxes
If the Fiber-X auger is the heart of every Ausmix feed mixer, then the gearboxes are the muscle, these heavy duty gearboxes are needed for the punishing conditions found in the Australian livestock market. These planetaries are perfectly paired to the Fiber-X auger; together they tear through big bales with ease and mix all fodder types with a consistent result. Our two speed gearboxes are essential to both powerful processing and effective feedout of the mixer, greatly improving the quality of feeding and your time management.


Side Shift Front Feed Conveyer

Ausmix Feed Mixer Dual Shift
Ausmix Feed Mixer
Conveyor Options Ausmix feed mixers have a conveyor and elevator for any feeding situation, whether you use cement pad, troths, bins, ring feeders, automatic feeders, feeding over a fence in a paddock etc, we have a conveyor option that is up to the task. Effective for high fiber and high grain rations

Short Flip up Feed Conveyer

Ausmix Feed Mixer
Ausmix Feed Mixer Short Flip up Feed Conveyer​
Short flip up elevators - Troughs, bunks, paddocks Long flip up elevators - Feed over obstacles or into raised receptacles like self feeder bins Dual shift conveyor - Feed out on both sides, ideal for dairy sheds Rubber tread or chain - To suit all types of fodder

Long Flip up Feed Conveyer

Ausmix Feed Mixer long flip up
Ausmix Feed Mixer twin screw 5


Triple Screw

Truck Mount

A truck mounted feed mixer from Ausmix on an Australian farm

Twin Screw

Single Screw

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