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A truck mounted feed mixer from Ausmix on an Australian farm

How a truck mount can change the way you feed

When looking for a dedicated TMR mixer, depending on the size of your farm, you may be limited to the sizes available based on your transport. Despite having a large collection of livestock who require TMR, the portable mixers that you can access with a tractor mount are limited and inefficient. In this case you need to upgrade to a mixer with a truck mount. A truck mount has a number of benefits particularly for someone who has a large farm with large paddocks across it.

Have a dedicated mixer that’s there when you need it

Perhaps the biggest benefit of having a mixer that is mounted to a truck is that it can be where you need it, when you need it. With a truck mount you get the benefits not provided by a tractor. An advantage is the manoeuvrability, which is afforded due to the hydraulic powered gearbox system. Usually tractors come with a PTO (Power take off) gearbox, which whilst extremely reliable they’re also limited in the amount of weight they can handle. This is why truck mounts are usually integrated into the system that the trucknuses. This system on most trucks is a hydraulic-powered system. This hydraulic powered system is better suited for larger weights. Trucks can also bear more weight because of their size, with the large mount allowing the weight coming from the mixer to be evenly distributed to each wheel.

Cover greater distances quicker

Another benefit of the truck mount system is that mixers attached to trucks can cover great distances in a quicker timeframe. Examples of this are being able to achieve higher speeds and better manoeuvrability within and around the paddocks. This speed is best for farmers who are looking to feed multiple large paddocks in an efficient manner. The increased speed of the truck will mean you can park the mixer, process the feed, deliver it and travel to the next location with better efficiency. Furthermore, with a truck you can travel further distances. Fuel consumption on tractors varies due to the amount of power and traction the machine needs to provide. If they are attempting to move a large mixer, fuel consumption will be higher. Compare this to a truck that is designed so that weight bared at the back is evened out by the cab at the front. This equates to better fuel consumption and longer distances to travel.

Free up your tractor

Tractors are vital to a farm’s success and having one at your disposal for emergencies would be a better use than using it to move a mixer. For example when considering a TMR mixer, you will require a transferall system for the feed to be put in the mixer. This means that you will have to have another machine to work intandem when completing feeds. If you do not use your tractor as the base of the portable TMR mixer you can use it for the movement of other necessary equipment. You can then also use it in other areas of the farm, without having to attach and reattach your mixer.

The AusMix XL 24 and XL 32 twin-screw Mixers

If you are looking for a dedicated and reliable portable mixer that will provide your animals with the correct nutritional feed consistently, check out the AusMix XL 24 and XL 32 twin-screw truck mounted mixers. This mixer is compatible with any Allison transmission based truck model. In terms of hardware, all AusMix mixers come standard with top of the range Fibre-X Augers. The blades on the Fibre-X are heat treated tungsten carbide knives that provide unmatched cutting and processing power. These mixers are built to hold large amounts of feed, with a 2.5m wide standard body. The chassis is a CYR suspension, built for machines that require regular off road action. For the offloading of feed, AusMix mixers come with a standard 1.5m flip up front feed conveyor belt for easy delivery of payload.

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