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How To Get The Best Out Of Your Hay With A Big Bale Mixer

Hay is the perfect animal fodder for livestock animals that don’t have access to large ranges to graze on. But hay and its storage can be expensive. As such if you are running a farm you will need to get the best out of your hay and your equipment. This is how to get the best out of your hay with a big bale mixer.

Correct storage

When getting the best out of your hay, longevity must be considered. A good place to store your hay is in an indoor paddock or building that has good ventilation. The less liquid available for the hay to soak up the better, with a building that is in an area with good drainage and is structurally sound from any leaks. The inside nature also means that the hay will not get bleached by the sun. When hay gets sun bleached it dries up and loses nutritional value.

Hay is also a fire hazard and should be stored in any potentially flammable areas or pieces of equipment. Furthermore, you should use wooden pallets or tires to avoid the hay drawing moisture from the ground. Concrete and dirt allows for the hay to draw moisture from the ground and will result in more hay spoiling at a quicker rate.

Alternatives to indoor storage

If you can not store indoors, make sure you are still following the suggestions provided in storage. If stored outside, you can keep it out of sunlight with a cover, this will also protect it from rain and other natural elements. This will have to be in a part of the farm that is well drained so run off water does not seep into the hay and spoil it.

Use a FIFO system

We also recommend that you use a FIFO (first in first out) system with the Hay. This means that you will store new hay behind older hay when you get a fresh bale. This will reduce the amount of hay that would otherwise spoil. Furthermore, do not stack the hay if you can not move it easily, this can result in bails being stuck underneath other bails and spoiling.

Know how you’re going to use it

Whilst the feeding of your livestock is the way you will utilise your hay, knowing the actual feed system you are going to use is vital in making sure you make the most of your feed. One of the most efficient ways is to use a TMR (Total Mixed Rations). TMR involves a mix of supplements and natural forage, blended using a vertical mixer. This system allows your animals access to the exact amount of nutrients required to keep them healthy. Using hay in TMR means you can have less and it will last for the same amount of time as if you were feeding your livestock a non-TMR diet. In order to implement this, you will need a mixer that can handle big bales and everything in between to perform TMR.

Have a big bale mixer to minimise waste

While you can store your bales for an optimal yield, if the mixer can not process it all you can still lose money. Larger bales may not fit in regular mixers bowls or may be forced out during the mixing process. This is why you need a mixer that has been built for this eventuality. At AusMix we make tough mixers that can mix the toughest of hay bales. Our mixers are built with a large width bowl to make sure no matter the size of the bale, the optimal amount of hay will be mixed. Plus with our Fibre-X Auger, your forage will be cut up evenly and consistently.

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