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Total Mixed Ration feed mixer

Should My Dairy Feed TMR?

For dairy farmers, on average, feed is 64% of operational costs. Feed is money and ensuring you get the full value of the feed you are giving your cattle is essential. Not only does a Total Mixed Ration (TMR) help herd health, but it also maintains production levels. 

When feed particles fall together simultaneously, they create a TMR. The even blending of these ingredients correctly means every bite will be the same. 

Preparing a Total Mixed Ration

Successful dairy farming needs a balanced ration. A balanced ration is needed for successful dairy farming. When a feed is not balanced properly, it leads to low milk production, lower heifer growth, impaired reproduction and leads to low immunity. 

When preparing TMR farmers must understand the right order of ingredients to add into the mixer wagon. 


Dry ingredients have a tendency to stick to high moisture ingredients like silage or molasses. This means that it’s important to properly mix all your dry ingredients before adding anything wetter. Think about it like baking a cake, you first start with flour because it is a dry ingredient with the largest quantity, then you add sugar and other dry ingredients incorporated in small amounts. Lastly, mix in the sticky ingredients.


Keep in mind that heavier ingredients will sink while lighter ones will float. Corn silage, for example, is 33% denser than alfalfa silage. Mineral mix can be 2 to 3 times denser than protein or grain mix too. Always add low-density ingredients with long particle length first followed by the high-density ingredients that are more likely to sink. 

Most mixer wagon manufacturers will recommend the best ingredient order to prepare your TMR. Vertical mixer wagons often let you incorporate unprocessed hay first, but the mixing time needs to be controlled to ensure the particle length is not being reduced. Horizontal mixers, however, are equipped with knives that allow the incorporation of unprocessed hay. 

If you’re wanting to increase your hay’s density you can soak it with water or molasses, or premix it with wet ingredients like silages. 

AusMix Feed Mixer

For a durable feed mixer designed to assist Australian livestock, choose AusMix. Our feed mixers are custom engineered for tough Aussie conditions and are loved in dairy farms nationwide. To learn more about the AusMix feed mixer range, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on (02) 8880 7873 or send us an email at Sales@farmtech.com.au



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