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AusMIX Single Screw Feed Mixer

Consistently delivering perfectly mixed rations for optimal livestock health and productivity

Farmers in Australia often struggle to achieve consistently mixed TMR feeds with their feed mixers which negatively impacts herd health and ultimately affects farm profitability. The Ausmix Single Screw Feed Mixer solves this problem by offering precise and consistent mixing, ensuring optimal nutrition for livestock and maximising farm productivity.

TMR feeds for your livestock that are not well-mixed can affect overall herd health and, eventually, your investment and profit. 

Make the switch to the Single Screw Feed Mixers from AUSMIX, which has everything you need to mix TMR feeds perfectly and consistently.


The Ausmix Single Screw Feed Mixer is an excellent vertical feed mixer designed to produce a uniform and well-mixed TMR consistently. Manufactured in the Australian heartland with models that range between 10 to 14 cubic meters in capacity, it can efficiently process grain, forage, hay, and other feed ingredients with the help of its Fiber-X Augers and tungsten blades.

The vertical feed mixer’s heavy-duty bowl, floor, and chassis offer durability and ruggedness.

It also comes with multiple conveyor options, customizable elevator length, and a powerful drive train, the Ausmix Single Screw Mixer delivers unmatched mixing performance and reliability, providing excellent value for farmers all over Australia.

Fibre-X Augers

All AusMix mixer wagons have razor-sharp knives manufactured from heat-treated tungsten carbide. These augers can efficiently cut through large hay and silage bales to maximise the scratch factor.

It also ensures that grain and other feed ingredients are mixed well to produce a homogenous mixed ration to perfectly suit Australian feeding programs.


Key Standard features

–  Fiber X auger

–  XL bowls

–  Havy duty chassis

–  State of the art weighing system

– Conveyer options

– Tire options

– Drive train

Single Screw New

Extra-Wide Heavy Duty Bowls

With models that range between 10 to 14 cubic meters in capacity, this machine is surprisingly easy to fill with the help of its flip-up elevator.

It also allows for a lower profile providing easy access for loading and unloading than conventional horizontal feed mixer.

The bowls of AusMix Single Screw Feed Mixers are manufactured from heavy-duty 20mm thick steel plates to create the floor and auger, ensuring lasting performance and durability.

User-Friendly Controls

The AusMix Single Screw Mixer is designed with intuitive controls for easy operation, allowing operators and machine to work seamlessly by adapting to different mixing parameters. Optional Digi-Star Topcon Scales Weighing System is also available.

This allows Australian farmers to match the output of a bigger horizontal feed mixer.

Scale 2

Conveyor Options: Flip-Up and Side Shift

The AUSMIX Single Screw TMR Feed has a standard 1.5m flip-up conveyer for fast and accurate fodder disbursement.

These are designed to give the AusMix feed mixers the operational flexibility and convenience that Australian farmers need to become excellent feeders.

Heavy-Duty Chassis

The AUSMIX Single Screw TMR Feed Mixers also have a durable chassis that allows for reliable transport when feeding out in paddocks.

A solid swivel hitch allows easy hook-up and is designed to hold excellently to suit rougher Australian terrain.

Tire Options: Road and Flotation

AusMix mixer wagons all have the option to switch between road and flotation tyres for transport or paddock feeding.

This versatility and mobility make AusMix feed mixers a better option than a horizontal feed mixer.

Powerful Drive Train with Planetary Gearbox

Featuring a two-speed gearbox and premium steel planetary gearboxes, the drive train delivers optimal mixing performance, handling heavy loads with ease.

This ensures smooth and efficient operation, minimising downtime and maximising productivity for farmers.

Drive Train

At AusMix, we know you are the kind of farmers who want to be leaders in efficient livestock management. In order to be that way, you need a reliable solution for consistently mixed TMR feeds to ensure optimal livestock health and productivity.

The problem is, Australian farmers often struggle to achieve consistently mixed TMR feeds, impacting herd health and ultimately affecting farm profitability, which can be frustrating and concerning.

We believe it’s just plain wrong that anybody should have to deal with that problem when modern solutions are available.

We understand the challenges you face in optimising feed quality and efficiency. That’s why we offer the AusMix Single Screw Mixer, engineered to deliver precise and consistent mixing, ensuring optimal nutrition for livestock and maximising farm productivity. 

Here’s how it works: the Fiber-X Augers efficiently process large hay and silage bales to maximise scratch factor and ensure a perfectly consistent ration. The powerful drive train will get the job done and then unload using the elevator or conveyor option of your choice.

So, invest in the AusMix Single Screw Mixer today to stop compromising on feed quality and start maximizing your farm’s productivity.

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