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AusMIX Single Screw

Consistently Delivering Perfectly-Mixed Rations

Capacities between 10 to 14 cubic meters

TMR feeds for your livestock that are not well-mixed can affect overall herd health and, eventually, your investment and profit. 

Make the switch to the Single Screw TMR Feed Mixers from AUSMIX, which has everything you need to mix TMR feeds perfectly and consistently.

Fibre-X Augers

Powering the strong mixing capabilities of the AUSMIX Twin Screw TMR Feed Mixers are two Fibre-X augers with razor-sharp knives made from heat-treated tungsten carbide. These augers can quickly chop down and process large hay and silage bales to the perfect chop length to maximize scratch factor while mixing ingredients to a perfectly consistent ration. This allows for properly processing fiber, straw, silage, hay, forage, grain, and heavy wet rations, guaranteeing perfectly-mixed TMR feeds with the nutritional edge your livestock needs.


Key Standard features

–  Fiber X auger

–  XL bowls

–  Havy duty chassis

–  State of the art weighing system

– Conveyer options

– Tire options

– Drive train

Single Screw New

Extra-Wide Heavy Duty Bowls

Aside from the powerful auger that provides faster mixing time, the AUSMIX Single Screw TMR Feed Mixers have a large capacity of up to 14 m2.

The AUSMIX Single Screw TMR Feed Mixers have 20mm heavy-duty steel plates on the floors and augers and 10mm thick walls to ensure lasting performance.

Digi-Star Topcon Scales

The AUSMIX Single Screw TMR Feed has a standard 1.5m flip-up conveyer for fast and accurate fodder disbursement. And if you need more flexibility for feeding out in the paddock, into troughs, or on self-feeders, you can also go for the following options:

Scale 2

Heavy-Duty Chassis

The AUSMIX Single Screw TMR Feed Mixers also have a durable chassis that allows for reliable transport when feeding out in paddocks. At the same time, the solid swivel hitch holds tightly on the trailer while traversing even on uneven ground.

Additionally, you can swap between road tyres for transporting the machine or flotation tyres for efficient paddock feeding.

Powerful Drive Train

All feed mixers from AUSMIX are equipped with a drive train with two-speed gear for optimal mixing and reliable cleanout. It also has planetary gearboxes made from premium steel to handle the heaviest loads with relative ease, making this the feed mixer your farm can rely on.

Drive Train

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to improve the quality of your livestock, which results in better production and income. In order to be that way, you need feed mixers that can evenly combine material to produce Australian-standard TMR feeds.

The problem is that the fit between the auger and bowl causes dead spots where fodder isn’t processed. This could lead to poorly-mixed feeds which lack the proper nutrients your livestock needs. We believe you deserve feed mixers that produce TMR feeds quickly and evenly.

We understand Australian farmers’ struggle regarding quality and evenly mixed TMR feeds. That’s why we offer the Single Screw TMR Feed Mixers from Australian manufacturer AUSMIX. With a deep understanding of Australian farming conditions, we know that these feed mixers are designed to meet your needs.

Here’s how it works: utilizing its Fibre-X auger and large loading capacity, it chops down large silage and bale to size. It then mixes them with other materials quickly and evenly, resulting in nutrient-rich TMR feeds to enhance your livestock’s health.

So place your order today, so you can stop providing your livestock with mediocre feeds and risking their quality and start feeding them with nutrient-packed TMR feeds and improve potential profits.

Single Screw XL-14 HD
Single Screw XL-12
Single Screw XL-10
Single Screw LS-8
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