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Total or Partial Mixed Ration? Pros and Cons of TMR and PRM

Stop Costly Forage Waste With A Vertical Feed Mixer

Many farms experience one common problem, loss of revenue and tight profit margins. Paying attention to your cattle feed ingredients and how well you’re distributing them to your cattle can make a massive difference in your overall costs. With this in mind, a vertical feed mixer can be the solution to your feed problem. 

Get the most of your feed

Unrolling large round bales or dropping into a ring feeder to let your cattle feed freely is a low cost, low labour option for delivering forage to your cattle, but they also offer the least control. Your cattle can trample and generally waste the hay they’re eating. On top of this, when an animal eats more than it needs, it will gain extra fat without the nutrients, causing the value of the forage to decline. 

Money saver

Transitioning from free-choice feeding to an optimised total mixed ration with the use of a vertical feed mixer can create quick and measurable improvement. If you’re looking at it from a cost perspective, you’ll be saving more money. TMR compromising of dry hay, silage and rye, for example, costs less per head than a straight ground hay ration. 

This type of optimised ration in a controlled feeding system will also help your cattle gain weight and body composition where they need it to be, on a cost-efficient basis with minimal waste. 

Furthermore, reduce wastage by mixing old hay and silage with fresh fodder to make it more palatable for cattle. TMR allows you to rejuvenate with HYSI, molasses or CDL to make what would have been wasted forage into an appetizing mix for cattle.

Take control of your feeding strategies 

When you take control of your feeding strategies, you’re limiting waste, allowing you to make better use of every acre of your production. Choosing the right feed mixer for your farming operations is another important component for cost-efficient total mix ration management. 

With two different model vertical feed mixers available, Ausmix has the machines to fit an array of farming operations. 

If you’re ready to invest in a high-quality feed mixer, choose Ausmix. Ausmix feed mixers are durable and designed for Australian farming conditions. To learn more about our line of feed mixers and why they’re loved by dairy farms nationwide- get in contact with the Ausmix team on (02) 8880 7873 or send us an email at Sales@farmtech.com.au



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