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The best Australian made and owned feed mixer

When you are looking for a mixer for an Australian farm, you need one that is built for the landscape. Whilst bigger companies can make mixers with flashier chasses and a shiny new feature, these mixers are not made for Australian farmers. At the end of the day, if your mixer is not built by someone who understands the Australian climate then it’s not going to get you the best results. That’s where AusMix’s Australian built mixers come in.

Who are AusMix

AusMix are an Australian brand of mixers built for Australian farmers. All our mixers are built in Wodonga, Victoria with the best parts available on the market. We’re certified Australian made and owned, with every AusMix mixer boasting an ‘Australian made and owned’ logo. Our goal was simple, to build a mixer that is suited for the Australian terrain. Our parent company FarmTech had a decade of experience in importing foreign mixers but was disappointed with the result. That’s why we built our AusMix mixers, to make the best mixer for the Australian market.

What do AusMix mixers do

AusMix mixers are vertical mixers built with the capability to process TMR (Total Mix Rations) feed. Our mixers can be used in dairies and feedlots to provide a TMR diet fit for your animals. Our mixers have also been used in other capacities that require a reliable mixer. They have been used in the making of compost and natural plant feed. These industries require mixers that can handle large and tough payloads, hence, they use our mixers. AusMix Australian made mixers toughness means they can easily handle these cargos without loss of payload. This is because of the way the mixers are designed and the technology used within our mixers.

What make our mixers

The design and technology in our mixers are what make them one of the toughest on the market.

Fibre-X Auger

Firstly our mixers come standard with the Fibre-X Auger, an auger purpose built for Australian feeding programs. Each one is built three different types of heat-treated tungsten carbides knives, known for their sharpness and efficiency. These assure that you will get consistent results with mix and rations that improve the dietary scratch factor of the food across heavy wet, high fiber and forage rations.

Wide bowl mixing tub

Another feature that makes AusMix mixers the best Australian mixers on the market is the wide bowl mixing tub. Our standard bowels have a 2.5m diameter, this is both for the design of the mixer and the usability. Our larger bowls mean that large high density bails can get pulled into the mixer and that materials don’t get thrown out. Furthermore, the low profile of the mixing tub means that they are suited for towing by tractors and skid steers.

Heavy duty frame & suspension

It’s not just what our mixers are built of but what our frames are made of that make our mixers suited for Australian farms. Each AusMix mixer comes with a heavy duty frame with a 20mm steel thickness. Add to this an off road suspension with handpicked CYR suspension, axles and brakes and a heavy duty swivel hitch and this mixer will not only protect your mixer but anything attached to it. This includes you, with our observation platform built for safety, with a non-slip floor and steps and handrails for easy movement.

Premium drive train

Finally, the innards of our mixer is a two speed premium gearbox. This drive train is built for large bails, high rotation and consistent results. The two speed gearbox was picked for its soft start functionality, consistent mixing and feed out in the low range. While the high range provides easy cleanout of the mixer for fast turn around in reuse.

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So if you’re looking for an Australian made mixer built for the Australian climate, get in contact with AusMix today.
Our friendly staff can help you go through our mixers to choose the best one for your farm.
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