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A single screw and twin screw Ausmix vertical feed mixer Australia

The difference between single screw and twin screw mixers

When looking to get the best feed mixer for your farm you may come across the conundrum of whether you need a single screw mixer or a twin screw mixer. Both can be as equally useful when used in the correct way, but finding out the way they should be used is half the battle. Whilst the key factor in this equation is the amount of feed you are looking to process there are other factors you must investigate to make sure the mixer you pick is suitable for your farm.

What does an AusMix screw mixer do for you

When buying a screw mixer you need to make sure you are buying the best mixer for the Australian climate. When you buy a mixer from AusMix, this is a guarantee. Our mixers are built in Australia by people who understand what an Australian farm needs. This includes a large tub capacity and an equally large auger coverage, all culminating in a trusty screw mixer ready to convert your raw materials into feed. These raw materials can cover an array of options, with our mixers being able to process, straw, fiber, silage, hay, grain, forage or heavy wet rations. When this comes together your livestock will get perfectly blended and nutritious TMR (Total Mix Rations) feed. This not only keeps them healthy but also makes them more productive and happier.

Our mixers are designed to deliver consistent results, being built to be tough enough to do the job in any environment. The tub that the feed is mixed in is a heavy duty steel plated bowl that is 10mm thick and has a floor that is 20mm thick. This toughness also translates to its transport, with a solid steel frame with a suspension built for off roading. A swivel hitch will maintain a solid grasp on your tractor through rough terrain, wet ground and the bumpiest of paddocks. All this is supported by a two speed gear and planetary premium steel gearbox, making the transport of heavy loads over a long period of time easily.

Single screw

When it comes to small farms with a relatively low number of paddocks to feed between refills, the single screw mixer is perfect for you. Despite being the smallest in our catalogue there is still plenty of range for these single screw mixers. This ranges from the AusMIX LS-8 to the AusMIX XL 12. These amounts are easily processed by the Fibre-X auger that comes standard with each AusMix mixer. The size variation also offers benefits to farmers looking for a screw mixer that could be run as a one man operation, with an observation platform built in so you can observe the mixing without fear of anything going wrong. This one man operation aspect is only furthered by the 1.5 mm conveyor belt with either the stainless steel or rubber belt depending on your needs for delivering feed.

Twin screw for when single isn’t enough

But what if you are looking for something for a larger amount of animals in bigger paddocks that require multiple people to perform the feeding? A double screw mixer is perfect for you. Coming in two sizes of the AUSMix XL 24 and the AUSmix XL 32, these models have a 24 mᶟ and 32 mᶟ capacity respectively. These mixers have two separate Fibre-X augers providing double the power for these upgraded capacities. Each one of these screws has razor sharp knives made from heat-treated tungsten carbide that stays sharp for long periods. This means that not only will you be able to hold more fodder, but you’ll also be able to process it all too. Another benefit of the two screws efficiency is that the mixing time increases, resulting in large hay and silage bales getting processed quickly.

What if a double screw won’t fit your volume?

What if you are not convinced by these two options? Say you have multiple large paddocks that require a large amount of feed in a short period of time? In this eventuality, AusMix has you covered with our triple screw mixer. The AUSmix XL-45 is a Triple Screw Vertical Mixer built for mixing large amounts of feed in as cost efficient manner as possible. The tub is 45mᶟ and has three separate Fibre-X Augers that will work in conjunction for speedy mix times that don’t compromise on quality. If this tub is too big but you still want the power afforded by a triple screw mixer, you can also get a triple screw version of the XL 32 too.

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