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TMR Feeding Program: Expert Tips For Top TMR With Ausmix

TMR: Is it too wet or too dry?

Total Mixed Ration (TMR) has universally been recognised as an optimal way to provide a consistent balance of nutrients. If you feed your cattle TMR but are noticing that your cow has shown to prefer smaller grain particles while disregarding the longer forage component of their TMR, this can be detrimental. 

The sorting of a TMR reduces the nutritional value of the feed. This ends up leading those who don’t have access to feed at the time of delivery, causing them to lose the adequate nutrient intake to maintain their high levels of milk production. In this case, every effort should be made to ensure your cows stop sorting your TMR.

Adding water to your dry TMR

Adding water to your dry TMR is known to help bind particles together. This will make it harder for your cattle to sort out smaller particles, increasing the consumption of a more consistent ration. It also increases the neutral detergent fibre intake and improves milkfat percentage. 

Using liquid feed 

Alternatively, you can add liquid feed to your TMR. Liquid feed, specifically molasses-based types, have the potential to help bind ration particles together too. 

Opting for molasses-based liquid feed is recommended for corn silage-based diets. This is because adding water to higher moisture TMRs, like corn and haylage, with no dry forage results in more feed sorting and lower dry matter intake. 

Adding a molasses-based liquid feed to your corn silage and alfalfa haylage based TMR results in a lower sorting for longer ration particles. This also increases your cow’s dry matter intake and milk production.

Efficient feed mixing

Feed mixers like Ausmix allow for better control of your feed rations and allow you to adjust the ration based on your cattle’s nutritional needs. 

Ausmix feed mixers are engineered and designed to handle touch Australian farming conditions, they’re reliability and durability makes them loved by Australian dairy farmers nationwide. 

If you’re interested to learn more about the AusMix feed mixer range, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on (02) 8880 7873 or send us an email at sales@farmtech.com.au



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