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Ausmix Truck Mounted Feed Mixer

Top Notch TMR and Easy Transport for the Whole Farm

Australian farmers often face the challenge of not having feed mixers that can efficiently mix and distribute without using a tractor.

The Ausmix Truck Mount Mixer is developed to provide consistent, high-quality TMR feeds and reduce wear on your tractor’s feed mixer.

It is suitable for covering expansive distances over rough Australian terrain while delivering consistent, high-quality nutrition for livestock.


For large-scale livestock farmers in Australia who require a longer range of movement from their mixers, the Ausmix Truck Mount Mixer provides a dedicated, highly mobile solution for efficient TMR feed mixing and distribution. This mixer is designed to suit the demands of large-scale farming better than tractor-drawn feed mixers.

Design and Standard Features

Triple Fibre-X Augers

The Ausmix Truck Mount Mixer features triple Fibre-X augers with tungsten carbide knives, ensuring efficient mixing of large hay, grain, and silage bales in less time.

These are designed to guarantee thorough mixing, delivering perfectly consistent TMR feeds to support Australian feeding programs better and enhance livestock nutrition and health.

Twin Screw
Large Bowl

Heavy-Duty Construction

All models are manufactured using 20mm thick steel plates for the floors and augers, and 10mm thick walls, this mixer ensures long-lasting durability.

This feed mixer model boasts robust construction designed to withstand the demands of daily use, providing reliable applications suitable even for the most challenging conditions. Moreover, its sloping tub means that hay, silage, grain and other feed ingredients are kept inside the feed mixer during

Truck Chassis

This feed mixer features a robust truck chassis, offering several advantages over conventional, tractor-drawn feed mixers. This design enhances mobility and speed, allowing for quicker feeding operations across large farms.

The truck chassis also reduces wear and tear on tractors, extending their lifespan and lowering maintenance costs.

State-of-the-Art Weighing System

The feed mixer can come in stock or be equipped optionally with the advanced Digi-Star Topcon Scales Weighing System. This gadget provides better precision over regular scales in providing measurements of ingredients, allowing the feed mixer to suit the demands of Australian feeding programs.

This system is designed as such to guarantee that each batch of TMR feed meets the specific nutritional needs of livestock, optimising their health and productivity.

Scale 2

Flotation and Road Tyres

The mixer can be fitted with road tyres for easy transport and flotation tyres for efficient feeding in paddocks or transportation over Australian roads.

This versatility ensures that the mixer can operate effectively in different farm environments all over Australia, providing reliable performance wherever it is needed

A truck mounted feed mixer from Ausmix on an Australian farm

Powerful Gearbox

Moving away from the Planetary gearbox used in other AusMix Mixer Wagons, the AusMix Truck Mount Mixer is equipped with an Allison Transmission. This gives the machine enhanced reliability and mobility.

Complete models can be readily purchased, or ordinary trucks can be converted to feed mixer specifications, provided they come with an Allison Transmission.

Ausmix Feed Mixer Drive Train

Versatile Conveyor Options

The mixer offers flexible discharge solutions with flip-up and side-shift conveyor options.

These versatile conveyors facilitate efficient and convenient unloading of mixed feed, catering to various feeding setups and enhancing the productivity of livestock farms across Australia.

Truck Mount XL-32
Truck Mount XL-24

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmers who want to be highly efficient and successful in your livestock operations. In order to be that way, you need a reliable and mobile solution for mixing and distributing TMR feed across your farm.

The problem is using a single tractor for all your feeding tasks wears it down quickly, which makes you feel frustrated and inefficient. We believe it’s just plain wrong that you should have to compromise on efficiency and equipment longevity.

We understand the challenges of large-scale farming and the need for durable and dependable machinery. That’s why we offer the AusMix Truck Mount Mixer, designed to provide consistent, high-quality TMR feeds while ensuring mobility and reducing wear on your tractors.

Here’s how it works:

Choose your mixer size, select your conveyor options, and let us handle the conversion or assembly.

So call us now to order the AusMix Truck Mount Mixer, so you can stop dealing with inefficient and worn-out equipment and start enjoying a more productive and profitable farming operation.