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AusMIX Twin Screw Feed Mixer

Perfectly-Mixed Rations for Nutritional Livestock Feeds

Farmers in Australia often struggle with mixers that fail to achieve uniform TMR feed mixing leading to detrimental effects on herd health and affecting overall farm profitability.

With an advanced feed mixer like the AusMix Twin Screw Mixer, Australian farmers can ensure precise and consistent feed formulations, promoting optimal herd nutrition and maximizing farm productivity.


Experience the cutting-edge AusMix Twin Screw Mixer, specifically designed for Australian feeding programs. Available in XL22, XL24, and XL32 models, this feed mixer enable farmers in Australia to efficiently process hay and various feed ingredients using its Fibre-X Augers, tungsten blades, and Extra Wide Bowls even when fully stock.

An optional Digi-Star Topcon Scales Weighing System meant that this feed mixer can produce precise mixing ratios for optimal livestock nutrition. 

Mixer Design and Standard Features

Fiber-X Augers with Tungsten Blades

This feed mixer, even when fully stock, is equipped with advanced Fiber-X Augers featuring razor-sharp tungsten blades.

These augers are designed to efficiently process hay and silage bales, ensuring thorough mixing of feed ingredients to achieve a perfectly consistent ration anywhere in Australia. 

Twin Screw
Large Bowl

Large Capacity Bowls

This feed mixer is developed for maximum capacity and efficiency even when fully stock. The AusMix Twin Screw Mixer features XL Wide Bowls that can accommodate large volumes of feed ingredients.

With sizes ranging between 22 to 32 cubic meters, these bowls are designed to have ample space for thorough mixing, enabling farmers in Australia to meet the nutritional needs of their livestock.

Optional Digi-Star Topcon Scales Weighing System

For enhanced precision and accuracy of the feed mixer, operators in Australia can choose the optional Digi-Star Topcon Scales Weighing System.

Designed with real-time weight measurement capabilities, farmers who use these mixer wagons can achieve optimal feed consistency and nutritional balance, promoting better herd health and productivity.

Scale 2

Industry-leading off-road suspension

The AusMix Twin Screw Mixer is manufactured by skilled Australian tradesmen using industry-leading off-road suspension, providing exceptional stability and maneuverability in rugged terrain.

Whether using the feed mixer out in paddocks or transporting the mixer between locations, this suspension system give these mixer wagons a smooth ride over Australian roads.

Powerful Drive Train with Planetary Gearbox

The machine boasts a powerful drive train equipped with a planetary gearbox famous for its performance and reliability.

Imported to Australia from Italy, the drive train provides optimal torque and power transmission to the mixer wagons, enabling efficient mixing of feed ingredients.

Ausmix Feed Mixer Drive Train

Heavy-duty Feed mixer made from 20mm steel

Manufactured to withstand the demands of intensive farming operations, the AusMix Twin Screw Mixer features heavy-duty frames constructed from 20mm steel.

With reinforced construction, this feed mixer is designed to withstand the rigors of Australian farming conditions.

Diverse Conveyor Options

To satisfy feeding requirements all over Australia, the AusMix Twin Screw Mixer offers diverse conveyor options for efficient loading and unloading of feed ingredients. Australian Farmers can choose between flip-up or side-shift conveyors, depending on their operational needs and preferences.

These conveyor options give these mixer wagons enhanced flexibility and convenience, allowing for seamless integration with existing feeding systems and workflows.  

Ausmix Feed Mixer twin screw 5
Twin Screw XL-20
Twin Screw XL-24
Twin Screw XL-30
Twin Screw XL-32

At AusMix, we know you are the kind of farmers who want to be efficient and effective stewards of your land and livestock. In order to achieve that goal, you need a reliable and precise solution for mixing TMR feeds.

The problem is, without the right equipment, achieving uniform TMR feed mixing can be challenging, leading to inconsistencies in herd nutrition and potential profitability losses.

We believe it’s just plain wrong that anybody should have to deal with that problem when there’s a proven solution available. 

That’s why we’ve engineered the AusMix Twin Screw Mixer to provide precise and consistent feed formulations, revolutionizing TMR feed preparation for farmers in Australia.

Here’s how it works:

The Fiber-X Augers efficiently process hay and silage bales, ensuring thorough mixing of feed ingredients. Next, the Extra Wide Bowls will handle the rest while farmers in Australia will have the peace of mind that they deserve. 

So, invest in the AusMix Twin Screw Mixer today to stop worrying about inconsistent feed mixing and start enjoying the benefits of a fully Australian feeding program resulting to a more productive livestock and a more profitable farm operation.