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A truck mounted feed mixer from Ausmix on an Australian farm

Why Truck Mount Might Be Right For You

When it comes to feed mixers, there are certainly many options available. But how do you know which option suits your requirements best?

Today we’re looking into our Truck Mount XL-24 and why this specific feed mixer might be the ideal option for you. We’ll dive into how it works, what type of situations these are best suited for, and ultimately, whether you should consider one.

How Does a Truck Mount Feed Mixer Differ From Traditional Options

Standard feed mixers are those that tractors would trail behind them. On the other hand, you would mount a truck-mounted feeder on the back of the truck, driving it around. The most fundamental difference then is that truck-mounted options take up less space lengthwise and are easier to manoeuvre around your farm because of this trait.

The other noticeable difference is that due to the way it’s structured, you can expect increased speed from a truck-mounted feeder when compared to traditional tractor-trailed options.

However, what makes our truck mount special is that we have done away with the standard PTO Planetary Gearbox in favour of a hydraulic-powered system. But, while there are some differences, you might be happy to know you can still expect the same Fibre-X Augers with integrated heat-treated tungsten carbide knives to provide the renowned high-quality cut and mix.

Our truck mount also comes with 10mm-thick tub walls in a standard wide-body measuring 2.5m which is registerable for the road. If you prefer something bigger, we can provide a 2.65m extra-wide option, but this option is not registerable for the road. Regardless of the size you choose, you can expect floors of 20mm solid steel.

Which Situations Would Benefit From a Truck Mount Feed Mixer

The truth is that regardless of the situation, a truck mount is a promising idea. It provides you with flexibility that standard feed mixers cannot. The only caveat is that the truck you use for the truck mount mixer must have an Allison transmission to avoid compatibility issues with the mixer wagons.

Since these feed mixers also use standard 1.5m flip-up front feed conveyer belts to empty, you can expect it to work wonderfully in situations where the speed of dispensing matters.

We can also accommodate requests for a longer – or side shift – version of the flip-up front feed conveyer belts to further help with your unique requirements.

The truck mount XL-24 and XL-32 twin screw mixers are always viable choices for those who need dedicated mobile feeders, thanks to their capacity, dispensing methods, and sturdy frames.

Choose AusMix for Your Next Hard-Working Feed Mixer

For all the hard-working Australian farmers, we provide the right feed mixers to meet the requirements of their farm. Whether you simply want reliable equipment that can go the extra mile or efficient design that helps make your job on the farm easier.

Our feed mixers can handle large hay, silage bales, high fibre, forage, grain, and heavy wet rations, which means regardless of the type of feed you need to dispense, they can get the job done.

If you have any more questions about our truck mount XL-24 or XL-32, we’re always ready to provide some clarity.



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