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TMR food being processed by a AusMix mixer

Why You Should Feed Your Cattle TMR

TMR (Total Mixed Rations) is a method of feeding a large group of cattle. These mixed rations provide the perfect amount of nutrition to feed your cattle, whilst also being extremely affordable. With equipment available like cattle feed mixers and 90% of dairy farmers with large herds using TMR, now may be the time to adopt TMR for your cattle.

What is TMR

TMR is one of the best ways to provide cattle with proper nutrition, resulting in healthier and better producing cattle. TMR for cattle should include; good quality forages, vitamins, minerals and a balance of grain and protein sources. These ingredients, then get fed through a cattle feed mixer, which processes the ingredients and turns them into a form that is best suited for the cattle’s digestion. With proper balance, this can provide the optimal nutrients for milk production, reproduction and growth. Of course, this does require monitoring, with an incorrect balance of nutrients within a TMR resulting in excesses and deficiencies within your cattle’s diet.

What are the benefits of TMR for my cattle

One of the main benefits to your cattle eating TMR is that it can reduce the chance of adverse health effects. TMR food stabilises a cattle’s rumen pH level by supplying a uniform amount of carbohydrates and protein over every meal, boosting the production of rumen microbial protein. If your herd contains heifers who are in a pre-breeding or a post-breeding system, TMR will benefit them too. Feeding heifer TMR ensures that they will grow and develop properly. Furthermore, issues like milk fat depression are reduced thanks to healthier mammary glands.

What are the benefits of TMR for me?

TMR can be both more efficient and more economical. A TMR diet allows for the feeding of a large group of cattle rather than feeding them separately in concentrates or forages. Furthermore, with the positive effect on your cattle’s health, there’s a lower chance of requiring emergency veterinary services and medicines.

Equipment required

When considering feeding your cattle a TMR diet, a cattle feed mixer must be considered. Without the use of a feeder, measuring the correct amount of ingredients for TMR would be expensive and inefficient. When using the correct equipment, the long term savings and health benefits are hard to ignore.

Types of cattle feed mixers

At Ausmix we provide the best in mixers, with a variety of products that can process different amounts of feed dependant on your needs. One of the options is a Twin Screw mixer which holds a maximum capacity of 31.5 m^3. However, with options that facilitate single screw mixers and triple screw mixers, there is a mixer to fulfill the needs of your livestock. Transport of these mixers is quick and efficient thanks to the sturdy detachable frame available with each mixer which makes transportation easy.

Ausmix Feed Mixers

If you are interested in finding out more about Ausmix Single Screw and Twin Screw mixers, contact our friendly staff on (02) 8880 7873 or send us an email at Sales@farmtech.com.au.



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